About me

My name is Christine. Born in beautiful Carinthia, Austria.
I love design and I love the smell of print.
I eat with my eyes. And I do things with love.

I am a enthusiast photographer, designer, writer and nature lover.

Services / What I love to do:
Photography, Graphic Design, Content-Production, Webdesign, Print, Corporate Design, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing

Selected Clients: Ace&Tate, AirBerlin, Cartier, eBay, Moose Knuckles.

Personal Projects:
Founder and creative art director of print and online magazine
C-Heads Magazinewww.c-heads.com

Founder and hoster of „Pretty Little M√∂dling“ www.instagram.com/prettylittlemoedling

Founder and hoster (together with my sister) of „Stockenboi Liebe“ www.instagram.com/stockenboi.liebe

My personal instagram page www.instagram.com/dothings.withlove