C-Heads Magazine “Remember those golden days ” Volume #36

Graphic Design, Art Direction, Editor in Chief and Print Production

In this issue we are going to explore happiness. The pursuit of happiness may well be the most stubborn of all human clichés. Everybody, throughout human history, has been searching for it, selling it, finding it, and losing it. Happiness is what keeps us humans going. What helps us forget the hardships. It distracts us from the tragedy and finiteness of life. Happiness is like the drug that keeps us alive.

Volume #36

Cover Swantje Wördemann photographed by Laukart
Release 19th April 2020
limited edition – 1300 copies – english – offset printing
Publication specifications
180 pages – 21.8 cm x 27.6 cm 1,2 cm – perfect binding
Softcover: matt lamination – coated paper + gold foil
Inside: Matt coated paper – shrink wrapped