C-Heads Print Edition Volume #37

A Love Affair.
Devoting your time with heart and soul to something you love can unveil elusive energy, undreamt possibilities.

This issue we dedicate to passion. The passion and love for what you do. The sort of passion that once it enters your life, you can‘t relinquish. It catches you, and like a wave, carries you up and down, impels you, and guides you to countless opportunities, endless like the vast ocean. Who knows where it carries you?

Release: 2021. Cover: Lisa-Marie Bosbach photographed by Marcel Boer. limited edition – 1000 copies. 196 pages – 21.8 cm x 27.6 cm 1,3 cm – perfect binding. Cover: Softcover, MUNKEN. Inside: Matt coated paper. shrink wrapped. Language: English