Ethical T-Shirt Collection

Do you remember the feeling when you buy something really special. When it´s a product made with love, great care and passion.
If you want the world to be better place then there is always something you can contribute. Slow fashion is more than a trend. Slow Fashion is about diversity, sustainability, respecting people, animals and nature, resourcefulness and quality.

Our Clothes Tell A Story.
— Christine and Sigrun Guggenberger

My sisters and mine very first small T-shirt collection has been designed with love in Austria and printed in Bratislava. They are ethically made in Bangladesh out of 100% organic cotton and are certified with GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard) and Fair Wear Foundation. This is a chance for locals there to have the opportunity to earn a living under fair conditions. We produce only small amounts of each product for the reason of sustainability and in order to avoid excess.

So we have started to tell this story. And we can´t wait to see how it continues.