Category: Storytelling

Sunsets in Mödling

Photographed by me for District Mödling Magazine Social Media (Regular Social Media Content Producing)

Balance. By Ace& Tate

I happily participated for Amsterdam eyewear company Ace & Tate who did a deep research and an ispiring report about the important theme „Balance“. A society constructed on continuous growth and success should be questioned as balance needs a mix

Magical Places – C-Heads Print Issue

Do you remember this feeling when time seems to stop in certain places? And at the same time everything starts to turn all around. How intense it felt? For this issue, together with great artists such as the legendary British

C-Heads Special Print Edition Issue #34

Our limited „Special Edition“, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, is a play of materials. The bulky, raw and uncoated cover feels good and warm in your hands. The golden foil sparkles in the light and makes it even more into